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You Just Got Hired As An Ca/RA/Don/whatever Your School Calls It.




First-time RAs:


Returning RAs:


Everyone is thinking “I’m done” on move in day. The newbies just think “WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?”



This’ll cover the basics, such as financial expectation, rental history, what to bring for the application process, etc.

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Bless you

Some info that is not necessary but very important to me that my leasing consultants should know before I lease with them.

"Who are your vendors" - You may never have heard of the companies they use, that’s fine. What you’re really asking is “Do you know the people/companies you allow on your property?” Because if the person working in the office does not have a clue as to who they allow in their apartments, even vacant, I will not lease with you. This is so important for safety. If you work for the complex you HAVE got to know who is allowed on your property and who is not.

"Why was the last time the carpet was replaced?" - Not shampoo’d but REPLACED. Has it been just a year? Okay cool no sweat as long as you shampoo it before I move in.

"What is your guest policy?" - Again, partially about knowing who is meant to be here.

"What is included in the rent price?" - Not at my apartment complex, but so many people will tell you something is included like valet trash pick-up and then charge you $50 + regular rent each month for picking up your trash. So the question isn’t, "what do you offer?" but what is actually covered by the rent.

"How long does maintenance take to complete work orders?" - DO NOT ACCEPT THE ANSWER "WITHIN 48 HOURS." It’s probably bullshit so until they prove you that it’s not true add about 48 more hours to the time range they give you.

"Do you have staff that live on property?" If the answer is no, look elsewhere. Seriously, I do not want to see a complex if there is not access to a staff member at all times. Every complex will have some kind of "on-call" person that must live on property.

I know all these seem nit picky but I have worked in this industry for over a year now and I have gone apartment hunting for my friends and they never thought about these questions until they realized they needed too ask them. And by that I mean I asked the questions.



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