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 Sparks of Electricity

  • Mary Smith:
  • Those are the band members, Rachel!
  • Rachel Batten:
  • I reblogged you
  • saying that answers my question!
  • At least they have 12 now
  • I bet that is why the trouble tones don't make it
  • Mary Smith:
  • But they compete somehow with not enough members. I don't get it. But it's Glee.
  • Rachel Batten:
  • That might be how they lose, *inside judges room* *that creepy reporter that I forget his name* "I liked that all girls group they got me going like a teenage geek sitting behind his computer screen rubbing off to kinky asian porn." *some black lady* "I just want to get out of here." *a judge they only put in to have this line* "But they didn't have 12 members."
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